Knez corner

Modern space is adjusted to the younger generations. Bar ambiance is embellished with unique and handmade interior elements, that make this area special.

kutak knez
kafeterjia knez


The space in which you will feel great throughout the day. Comfortable, bright colored, furniture and sun-drenched space create the  environment in which you can fully enjoy.

A restaurant

Restaurant Knez gained the trust of many and became the place to go out of all generations, with its over 20 years long tradition. Elegant and classy restaurant’s ambience, with a rich menu and  wide selection of quality wines is the right place for your enjoyment. The atmosphere of the restaurant attracts the attention of the guests who wish to organize a celebration with lunch with family or business partners. Celebrate the birthday of your children in our area.

igraonica knez


Garden of our restaurant is completely surrounded by nature and will make you forget the bustle of the city and fully relax and enjoy our offers. The water’s murmur of fountains and natural shade of  trees is what makes Knez garden special and different. Within the open garden there is a park for children. The children, besides a park, have a special food on their menu.

Special offers / events



Telephone restaurant: 057/320-222

Telephone office: 057/320-220


Adress: Lukavica, Istočno Sarajevo